Todd Grow

CPA, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

After graduating from Ohio University in 1974, and ruling out a career in professional football (5’9″ 155), Todd decided to become a Certified Public Accountant. “I wanted to run my own business and help other entrepreneurs run theirs.” In addition to holding a license to practice public accounting, he also has a license to sell life and health insurance in the State of Ohio.

It is Todd’s mission to help our clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and make sure their financial reporting systems provide them with information they can use to become and remain successful.

He believes that every successful business must have three ingredients:

  • A good product or service.
  • Strong and accurate financial reporting.
  • An effective sales and marketing plan.

Todd is married to Lorie Luthman and they have two children, Taylor and Avery. He enjoys all sports, especially; golf, fly fishing, and Cleveland Indians Baseball.