To say the least, we live in very challenging times. In less than thirty years, we’ve seen three stock market crashes, been a participant in several foreign wars, watched developed European countries go into bankruptcy, and seen the price of oil rise exponentially. Our current scenario is one of persistent unemployment and slow growth. How can we successfully invest when conditions aren’t so rosy?

At Schiffman | Grow & Co., our financial professionals take the time to craft an individual plan to suit your specific needs. Whether you tend more toward income producers or growth alternatives, we have the ability to design broadly allocated portfolios that stand the test of time. We are completely independent in our investment advice, and have no “home team products”. We will integrate your personal tax scenario with your portfolio in order to get the best possible net after-tax return.  Our ability to access institutional management helps us ensure a high quality model. We can’t control the markets, but we can certainly navigate difficult waters with you.