Retirement Planning

We’re constantly inundated by commercials that try to address our retirement planning needs. Some of them talk about “the number”, while others romanticize our golden years. It all appears to be such an easy process… figure out how much you’re going to need, and the brokerage firm’s plan will get you to the promised land on time. 

At Schiffman | Grow & Co., we realize that retirement planning is not so simple. There are many variables to consider. How will you spend money differently during retirement? What will your after-tax annual retirement budget look like? Where are you going to live? Do you need to sell a business? Do you want to work while you’re retired? Go back to school? Become a full-time volunteer?

The ubiquitous commercials focus on getting up the mountain. But isn’t successfully managing the descent equally important?  We’ll help you assess what your future looks like before and after retirement, and plan for lifelong achievement. Let us be a partner in realizing your dreams.